FROM 2016

Ania Sandland worked for the Outside the Box charity, setting up peer support groups in Falkirk. It was always a possibility that the Falkirk projects may take a life of their own. During this time Ania saw the ever growing need for further peer support groups


EARLY 2021

It was decided that the time has come for Falkirk projects to be incorporated into a separate charity. After all the research and from talking to people across the Falkirk District it was clear that what was needed was a charity whose sole purpose was focussed on Peer support and the development of these specific types of groups.



Central Wellbeing SCIO was registered with OSCR. The Charities focus was to bring people together, in a safe and supported way, where they could meet with people who were experiencing similar issues.


APRIL 2022

We took our first member of staff -  Aprilanne – as a Project Worker and officially began delivering peer support projects. Initially these were offered in the community, including a room within the Falkirk Sewing Studio.


JUNE 2022

We were offered premises in the Howgate and at that time saw the need to bring in an additional member of staff to start to further develop the charity and increase our reach. Kirsty was our next addition to the team working as a Community Development Assistant.



After a lot of hard work, where we roped in many members of our family and our friends to paint, decorate and generally sort out we opened our new space. Unit 2 within the Howgate Shopping Centre was our first official home. Having our own space meant that we could offer further groups creative writing, additional crafts, movie afternoons and start to build up partnerships with other charities.



February saw our first AGM meeting, where Nicola took on the role of Chairperson, Wil the role of Treasurer and Carol as Secretary. We also took on sessional Project workers Maggie and Susan to help run our groups. 


APRIL 2023

We were now getting very busy, running around 18 groups at different frequencies and the time had come to take on our sessional workers permanently so Maggie and Susan formally joined the team.


MAY 2023 

We started looking at our longer term planning, how we could best meet the needs of people attending our groups and bring our groups into our premises. The Howgate unit had been really good for us but we were unable to offer groups outside of their opening times so the search for a new home began.


JUNE 2023

The team were delighted to take on the lease of our new Hub premises at 5, Manse Place. This beautiful space gives us the opportunity to offer everything under one roof. We hope to be the first place people think of when they are lonely or in need of a chat and a catch up with others in a safe nonjudgmental space. On 19th June we held our first group in the hub.